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Belinda Jewelry

We buy gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, watches, antiques, assigned jewelry and silverware.  We have the knowledge to properly examine your item and offer the market value or best value.

We also buy unwanted jewelry! Any scrap gold, bent or broken jewelry.

  • Trade in/Upgrade & Jewelry Restyling:  We provide various options when it comes
    to trading in unwanted jewelry by resetting diamonds and to create new piece of jewelry
    by upgrading what you already have.

If your jewelry that has gone out of style or you simply want to try something new. Bring it
to us. If you have inherited valuable jewelry but the design is not your taste, we can
recreate it to reflect your personal style. We’ll work with your specifications to create
something fresh and exciting.

If you’re in the market for a new watch, we will determine the best value of your watch for
trade-in or cash.

  • Custom Design: We can help you create a beautiful jewelry design based on your personal
    taste and style. We will work with you to select the perfect stones and metal choices to
    create a lifelong treasure.
  • Jewelry Repair: We provide jewelry repair and resizing. We can repair rings, earrings,
    bracelets, pendants, chains and pins, including setting stones and diamonds in their
    original setting or a new style can be done. We repair platinum, gold and sterling silver.
  • Jewelry Cleaning & Inspection: We offer cleaning and inspecting of your jewelry. This also
    includes inspecting your mountings for possible wear.
  • Appraisals: Perform appraisals for our customer’s purchases, insurance purposes and for
    their family heirlooms.

About us

Belinda Jewelry, family-owned business since 1965, has provided discerning customers fine jewelry with unparalleled quality and design.  Established in Istanbul, Turkey in 1962, later expanded to Cologne, Germany in 1984 and now in the heart of Mid-town Manhattan’s Diamond District since 2008. Owners Antoni (Toni) and Mari are proud of the heritage and tradition their family-owned business represents. With the international branding and generations of knowledge sharing, Belinda Jewelry brings years of craftsmanship, elegance and industry knowledge to the jewelry business.

At a very young age Toni spend his childhood and youth with his mother, Mari, and family learning the traits required to be innovative and provide high-quality jewelry.  Toni took his passion across seas and expanded his family’s business to an area known as the premier center for jewelry shopping in the New York City.  During his time in New York, Toni graduated with an undergraduate degree in business and biochemistry from Rutgers University.

With the love and passion Toni and Mari share for jewelry, together they specialize in wholesale and retail high-end jewelry and strive to provide the best customer service and products to their customers.

Contact Info

Booth: MN-7
Phone: (212) 921-2820
Email: [email protected]

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